Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Calling all Handmade Peeps

If you make any of the following, I'd love to feature you and your shop!  Scroll down for more information!

** This list is not exclusive!  If you think of a category I forgot (ie: design)... I can add it!

If you have a shop/small business I'd love to have you.

If you'd be interested in doing a "guest post" on the blog where you introduce yourself and your shop let me know, I'd love to turn the blog website that I have into a sort of "meet the shop people" type site. Where people can come visit, see that we are real live people working till our fingers bleed. 

What I'd need from you:
*  A photo of you
*  A few of your product
*  A photo of your work space - whether it's an amazing downtown studio, or your closet - it's where you make the magic happen
*  A post including: who you are, how you go into your business, what you make, etc.
*  Links to all of your social media and your shop.
** If you'd like to be included in the occasional give-away I'd love to have you
** Also if you'd like to include a coupon code or promotion for the promotion page, I'd love that!
Email me at: artsyanthropology @ gmail -- if you want to be featured. I will not write the post for you (but would be willing to edit photos you send), that is your job

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