Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hello Again!

I know I posted earlier this week that I would be back to blogging, then subsequently disappeared again - this will not be the case, I promise!  I have just been super super super super super busy/stressed getting everything ready for this 3 day craft-show this weekend... especially more-so since I found out that I am only one of 4 booths that will be selling crafted things like hair accessories and sewn bags, as it's also an antique market of sorts - so that can go 2 ways, either no one will buy anything, or lots of people will buy stuff because it's different, and significantly less expensive than antiques!

So that's what's been going on with me... here's what's going on with the blog:

1. Need May Sponsors, anyone interested please check out the sponsor information here, there are free options!

2. New things in May, including: TUTORIAL TUESDAYS, are you excited?! Because it's going to be an adventure!

3. I am planning on organizing a May Swap of some sort!!! I am thinking that it will be a "Hand Made Swap", where all participants will be given a partner and those two will swap items from their shop, or things that they make just for their swap partner!

Okay well, I need to get back to writing my 2 papers, and making my bazillion and million of bows and totes and stuff (oh yeah, and working)...

See you all on Tuesday for the first ever TUTORIAL TUESDAY in May!

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