Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tis the season

     So in a small space we all wonder how best to get in the holiday spirit - me personally I like a few candles and my tiny little really fake looking tree.

     I have decorated my little living room entertainment center with multiple variations of red and green candles, all in the scents of the holidays and thus my apartment smells delicious!

     Then there is my tree. It was a whole $30 last year at Big Lots... and it looks very much like a $30 tree. The plastic that it is made from is slightly shiny under the lights, but that's okay my ornaments are all so bright and sparkley that you can't really tell (Also, I love the word Sparkley because it makes me laugh about what Edward Cullen looks like in the sun). Yes I went there with that.

     So now it's the holiday season. Meaning that Monday the first official draft of my thesis is due... after which I will begin making Mom's super secret toffee - that I have given to people, and now unfortunately every year I have to continue to make it for them - since if I give out the recipe, I'm pretty much a goner ;)

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